Beyond These Walls MCC

212 W Virginia Ave Suite 112
Punta Gorda, FL 33980
(941) - 777 - 5533


serving inside and outside of the Beyond These Walls-MCC

2019 MCC General Conference


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Pastor Susie Brenner

Pastor Susie Brenner at Beyond These Walls MCC

All of Pastor Susie Brenner's 

sermons can be heard here.

"We are a church for ALL people," 

proclaims Pastor Susie Brenner.

Offering Three Services


Beyond These Walls provides the community with Conversational (Sundays 10AM),  Contemporary (Thursdays 7PM) weekly and Charismatic  (every third Thursday at 7PM).


Announcement at a service at Beyond These Walls MCC

Read the weekly announcements on the website.  Check back often as announcements are made 

throughout the week. 

Serving The Community


Beyond These Walls MCC continues to partner up with those in need in our community and beyond. these walls.  they help the community in a number of ways.  To name a few:  DCF Backpack Project, CHAPS pet food collection

Cyber Community


Can not make it to the service.?  Do you live out of town or in another state?  Beyond These Walls MCC live streams all the services so you can watch live video or watch at a later date.  Becomes a part of the online community.